Saturday, June 5, 2010

neighbourhood cookout!

So about 3 months ago or so my neighbour and I got together and started talking about the fact that we dont know too many of our neighbours. We mostly knew only the ones closest to us. In fact Heather and I didnt know each other til a few months before this talk.

So we decided to take the step and plan a Cookout. We had a change of date to put it on the first weekend of June.

Heather made up signs and Michelle and I went out to put one in each mailbox 2 weeks ago. We started to get replies right away. We had 17 on our list for today. We had 1 cancel today but we also had 4 show up!

This put our tally at 20 people today!

Im so thrilled that our first cookout had such success. (There are 25 houses on our street). Many people were saying that they have lived here for many many years and not done anything like this. They were so glad that we did something like this!


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