Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A's doll quilt

Well I have decided to make A (Emily's daughter-5 years old?) a doll blanket.

I also discovered that I forgot how small dolls are. here is my quilt with a doll I had when I was little.

Oh well- lots of wrapping room!

I have 1/2 the binding done- all I have to do is stitch it to the back :)

See the blue- that will go onto the front for a nice clean edge

I just used 2 pieces of fabric from Ikea and some cotton batting. I bought the fabric just because I had remembered that Emily had done her room in that theme from Ikea.

I used the sewing machine to quilt it. Its wonky- but I like it.
It was pretty quick and easy. I could probably have gotten it done in a day but there are too many other things to do too!

I had to look up how to bind a quilt as I had never done it before. I make the quilt top and then sew around the edges and then flip it so the edges are already done.

I think I still like that way- but that works for hand quilting much easier.
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