Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Infant Massage

I have been going to Baby and Me at the Newton Library.
They have baby play time and education for the parents.

This month was on Infant Massage. It was kinda funny to see the babies running around in diapers.

Zeke did enjoy his massage and was about the only one who sat still long enough to get a massage.

So i didnt get pictures of him getting his massage.

Zeke is in the front(7 months), followed by Kingsley (1 year) and Ethan in the back (10 months)

i get your belly button!


ans hollemans-goudappel said...

I guess babies love massages! Esther's mother-in-law is a maternity nurse. When a mother gives birth in Holland they have this nurse for 8 days after they get home from the hospital. She takes care of the mother, baby and siblings! Esther's mother in law gives her grandsons massages!

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