Friday, May 14, 2010

Daves Parents are here!

well Dave's Parents have arrive this past Tuesday.

They arrived in time to see Zeke get fussy before bed!

Dave's Dad- Poppa- loves to do work around then house when he comes to visit. I think it relaxes him!

His project this week was to take down the wallpaper in the hallway and guest bathroom. We borrowed a steamer from some friends of ours and away he went.

The wallpaper was difficult to get off my way by scoring and fabric softener and water method. It was working that way but slowly. The steamer did a great job but it made the paint behind it start to blister. Once that was figured out all was well. The wall paper in the hallway was gone by Thursday afternoon and the bathroom was done by Friday morning! boy he works fast!

It is now Friday night and Poppa has even gotten the walls scraped down and drywall puttied the nail holes!

Have I mentioned that I love the In-Laws visiting?

Dave's mom-nanna- has also been a big help with Zeke. I have even been able to eat breakfast most days this week! Zeke also has a cold so he has been fussier then normal.

Its dark and stormy right now and I dont have pictures of the progress yet. Expect a post soon!



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