Saturday, April 17, 2010

its been a long time!

wow- its been over 7 months since the last post i put here on my blog.

a lot has happened since then-
I got a really really bad case of poison ivy.
I had my son on Oct 15, 2009 via C-section with the poison ivy. That was not so fun.
born 10 lbs even- I was very glad that I had the C-section.
My parents came up for the weekend he was born.
Daves parents came up the next weekend.

Zeke was baptized on Nov 1

Christmas parties were fun- even being snowed in up the mountain for the Google Christmas Party. We got to know John and Joni a bit better.

Went to Canada in Dec for Christmas with our families. Everyone loved him and he got to meet his aunts and uncles (except uncle Tim- he is in Korea)

In January I started back to volunteering at Koinania at the front desk. This is perfect because its Zekes nap time so we dont have too many issues.

Dave and I also started fostering dogs for Pet Partners Network. Thats a group that is trying to get a no kill shelter in our county. Right now Animal Care and Control kills 5000 a year.
Through our fostering we ended up adopting a puppy named Snoppy. Hes a male cocker spaniel mix.

We also help out with Pet Partners when they have adopt-a-thons.

My friend Deborah and I stated going to baby time groups and have been enjoying that.

Dave, myself, Aaron and Deborah, and Michael all rented a house for a week in Charleston, SC for a work trip. Deborah and I got to hit the town while the guys went to work.... we had a blast down there!

Then there was easter and mom and dad came to visit us. We have lots of visitors in May coming down.

heres a couple pictures of my son!

I hope to keep this up again... so check in again!


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