Wednesday, April 21, 2010


ok- for those of you who dont know me and my house- A LOT of it is Ikea. I love it.

Zekes bedroom set is ikea, the tv stand, our bedroom set (til we moved the bed to the guest room) and a bunch of other stuff!

anyhoo- I was there on Saturday when I dropped Dave off and had plans to go with Deborah today (Wednesday)

So off to Ikea we went after the roofing guy showed up.
After being there on Saturday you would think I would have nothing else I *needed*. Well you would be wrong!

Dave is probably looking at the bank account wondering what I bought!!

Here is my spoils:

I broke my tea pot about a year ago and didnt find one that I liked til now!
I also found these side plates that I will use for serving dishes- I think they are cute!

Remember that wallpaper post? well the paint will also need to go in the guest bathroom and new hardware on the doors. I found these that I liked.

Deborah found these for me!
The cookie cutters have: a moose, wolf, bear, porcupine, whale, and squirrel.

Deborah also found these for us. This is a great "bib" for when Zeke is at church.

over 3 yards for $7.99! I couldnt pass it up :) (sorry dear!)

Have I mentioned that I love Ikea?


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