Monday, November 10, 2008

we have an announcement!

We would like to welcome a new girl to our family.

She joined us on Nov 1st as a cute 4 month old.

She is of a mixed heritage but we think she has the best qualities of them.

She has been very good and hardly making any noise.

She loves to be near us at all times and sometimes gets in our way!

We named her Bailey Shatner McGee.

Here is her photo:

She is a puppy of course! What did you think??

She is a beagle cross but we dont know with what.

She is a cutie and very entle and love to run.

When we are in another room that she not allowed n she will often curl up with our shoes!

a picture with Nana


Dallas said...

Aww, she's adorable. And great name; one of my dogs is named Bailey. And yes, for a second there, I thought your post might be about a baby.

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