Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the parents

well we have been blessed to have both sets of our parents come to visit us. Each of them stayed 5 days and that was nice. Both were able to attend church with us and they also did work around the house.

Daves Parents arrived just after we brought home our new puppy so we had a lot of fun with that! Daves mom did a lot with me including visiting the downtown while Daves dad got to work. We left his dad with a gift card to Lowes in order to complete projects around the house. Since his dad is a handy man this was excellent! Some of the things he did included replacing a toilet, changing the locks, and sealing the garage door. We appreciated all of this.

My parents are handy but creative. Dad enjoys decorating and has excellent taste. So while they were down we went shopping one day and then got down to painting the Living room. This room was white and we had the furniture the first way we thought of. After the painting was done (well i have some to do yet) Dave and I had a baby shower to go to. We left mom and dad with permission to buy accessories for us. This included the curtains and carpet etc. Dave was a bit nervous but i knew what dad could do. We just a have a few things to do and hang paintings and its all done.

We are very thankful that we were able to have both of our parents come down and help us out.

Thank you!

Here are a before and after picture of the living room.


Thomas Stromberg said...

Wow, what a great improvement! Looks great!

Dallas said...

I love the yellow color. You should post more photos of your place - I'd love to see them.

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