Monday, September 22, 2008

Daves Birthday

The beginning of a busy weekend- and what a busy weekend it was!

It all started on Friday.
I was picked up by KC and did some errands that included picking up people, going for lunch, and getting groceries. This was all done in preparation to return to KCs house so we could help her go through clothes and cook Dave a birthday dinner.

We were unable to enter the base when we got there due to an exercise that closed it down. So we went for lunch first. This was a good idea that everyone else had too, they were out of over half of the items on the menu. Just before we were done lunch we could see that the line of cars was moving! We were able to get in and out of the grocery store in good time so we ended up going to the Zellar's type store that was there. We met the past youth intern-Matt- (as we were out with the new youth intern-Hannah) and he was also invited to the birthday dinner. KC found some pirate themed birthday plates and napkins, it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Dave's birthday.

We finally got back to KCs place around 4pm. This didn't give us much time to get things done- but you should have seen us go! Right away we started unloading the groceries while KC dealt with the kids and getting the clothes ready to sort. Hannah went to help KC with changing kids diapers and then sorting out the clothes while I tackled the kitchen duties. It started with the cake. Dave wanted a chocolate cake with no icing. I got the kids to help me with the cake and therefore had spilled oil and egg shells to deal with- but it worked out well and cooked beautifully in the Pampered Chef round pan!

Then it was on to the potatoes and carrots. KCs husband was going to take care of the fried chicken (soo yummy)
The Menu:
Srikant's Fried chicken
cheesy garlic mashed potatoes
sweet baby carrots
Chocolate cake
mint chip ice cream and strawberry ice cream
and added in case we didn't have enough food:
fried rice
beans -the kids love em!

So this dinner went over very well!! everyone enjoyed it (and the kids who live with mostly rice- loved my potatoes!)

KC got a picture of the cake and Dave blowing out the cake and the lighter when I tried to relight the candles for a picture. I hope to get them from her at some point.

We watched a Christian comedian as the kids fell asleep.
We then took Hannah and Matt home and went to sleep right away as we were getting up early the next morning.

(read next blog for more weekend hi jinks)


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