Thursday, January 31, 2019

A memory Quilt for Marley

Let me start this post by saying I dont do T-shirt quilts. 
I have done memory quilts with flannel pj pants and shirts

Last summer the sexton of our church passed away. His wife got in contact with my go-to Long Arm Quilter- Pam. Pam then referred her to me as she realized I had a connection. (and gave me a heads up). 

When Stephanie contacted me about making her daughter a memory quilt with Donald's t-shirts I was ready to say yes. 
I was a bit nervous because they are someones precious memories and I didnt want to mess it up. 
After a couple days of cutting the seams off the t-shirts I was ready to start figuring out common sizes i could cut things and how they would all fit together. 

I decided to make the different rows different heights and sew them together and have different widths. 

I got its sewn together at a quilting sew bee

I sent it to the quilters before I went to my sisters in ottawa for a week. 

Here it is finished

She called her daddy Diddy <3 nbsp="" p="">

Marley and stepha 

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