Sunday, May 20, 2018

Twin quilts for Adrienne

Dave and Adrienne are friends from church and are pregnant with twin girls. 

They are due in July so we had a baby shower for them today. 

 I read in the bulletin two weeks ago that they were having the shower and I had not started baby quilts for them.

I quickly asked Adrienne what they might do for a Nursery and she replied probably grey with touches of light pinks and such.

 I came home and realized I had the prefect fabric from a quilt show from January!

I used the same fabrics for the blocks and binding. I was lucky to find two  matching sashings and backs in my stash!
 One feels more playful and the other more sedate. We shall see if her children end up like that ;)
 I made the plan and put them together in just over a week!
I pulled them out of the dryer this morning!

 They liked them so much that they insisted on a photo with me with them.


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