Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Abigail's big girls room

Zeke will often sleep in Abigails room when we have guests as he has the queen bed in his room.
This has been fine while he was on the toddler cot (which is awesome by the way) but since he has out grown it and moved to an adult size cot, it doesnt really fit in Abigails room anymore.

So I wanted to get them bunk beds. Our next guests were coming in october. So I started looking online and at Ikea. Conveniently Dave had a work trip to vegas so we could go to ikea before we picked him up at the airport. 

I got the bunk bed and 2 mattresses and a few other things at a great price. Ikea doesnt have many sales but they had some great Family Pricing over the long weekend while we were there. BONUS! i saved $50!

I got started on her room on Tuesday while she was at school. This was the mess I started with. it was a bit messier than usual since I was going to be removing most of the toys anyway. 

I had Abigail help me wash the walls. She was very excited for change (so unlike her brother!)

I had help putting up this sticker over 6 years ago when I was getting this room ready for a baby Zeke

putting together the bunk bed. 
Abigail spent the night in Zekes room so we could finish her room. 

I put up the final details while she was at school today. 

wont be long before Dave doesnt need to change Abigail on the change table and we can remove that extra piece. it becomes just a normal dresser then. 

A print from +Nancy Levan  just for Abigail 

Cute nightlight/ lamp from ikea. It only has a nightlight bulb in it right now. I think it can handle a bit more light.

Zeke will sleep on the top bunk when we have guests

Abigail wanted all these to have their petals dropping too

Abigail enjoying her new space

Nancy even named the print Abigail :)

She even signed it for Dave when he was in vegas 

oh and she got new curtains. 
Wonder if anyone noticed

first night was a success 


Anonymous said...

Her room looks fantastic! A big girl room.

Anonymous said...

Her room looks fantastic! A big girl room.

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