Monday, June 1, 2015

Abigail's Dressing Room

Abigails room doenst have much space. and we didnt use the closest for much except some storage. 

I decided to make it into a dressing room for all her dress up clothes in hopes of making her main room a bit less cluttered. 

I want to say a HUGE thank you to those who gave us dress up clothes. She loves it and can spend hours playing in her room. 

here are the "before" pictures but after I cleaned it out. 

Dave's parents came down for a visit and I enlisted +Don DeBaeremaeker s help in recreating this room. 
We added the wire shelf for more storrage

dressing corner

A place for shoes

The curtain rod and mesh fabric I got from ikea. 
I added the ribbon and used a fancy stitch to create a place for a rod to go through (but used the clips instead)
the gem lights are also from ikea

new shelf thing with baskets for skirts and headbands etc. 

3 mirrors from ikea

shower curtain rod for the dresses

I got some cool lights from ikea that change colour. this is the remote for them. 

Don working on the plug

inside the closet with the colour changing lights. 

Pretty cool if i say so :)

Both she and Zeke have been loving it!


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