Sunday, May 3, 2015

Floor Pillows for the kids

So I got this fabric from Ikea last fall. It was black and white and its a thick almost canvas weight to it.

Since then I have been colouring it with fabric markers whenever I had a chance. I set the markers with an iron and in the dryer.
I have had many people help me too like my fellow Quilt Guild members.

I will be giving these to the kids to use as floor pillows. One of them has a pink zipper and one a navy zipper.

 So both pillows have almost the same pattern repeat.
oh well :)

 Pillow 1

 Pillow 2

And have another 16 inches left. 

I gave them to the kids and they loved exploring the pictures to see who had which ones and what colours they were :)

enjoying popcorn for dinner on their new pillows


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