Friday, July 25, 2014

Melissa's Bridal Shower

One bonus of going home for vacation twice is getting to go to my sisters bridal shower which I helped host.
It didnt start off well. we accidently locked the church keys in the church. we started calling around until someone who had a key was coming to town already!!
(also lots of supplies to haul in!)

flowers for the craft we were doing instead of games (i hate shower games and so does my other sister i was hosting with)
My sample is the one in front 

food and photographer 

my and my littlest sister

abigail was a hit!
we did one game where we pre recorded Bob's (fiances) answers to some questions. Melissa did get a few right :)

flower gathering for crafts

a couple that people did

"best present ever!"

ok- so she steals toilet paper from mom everytime she comes home so mom got her her own :)

more pictures:


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