Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zeke's 4th

We celebrated Zekes birthday a couple days early.

For at least 6 months he has been telling us that he wanted to have his birthday at Sunday School.

So we started off the day by bringing cupcakes to share at sunday school.

Then we had some friends join us for lunch and cake.

The morning was very wet with dew and some rain so we decided to eat lunch inside. That meant some last minute decorating.
We had sun by the time we started the party.

hot dog lunch



and then I moved a table and chair into Zekes room so he could enjoy some of his new toys (stickers and colouring)

BUT after nap time he had coloured on his sheets and pillow case. 
we had a talk
so away they went right away. 

oh well. 

tomorrow we try other presents. 

the rest of the photos:


Kendra said...

GAH!! How is it possible that this sweet little guy is already FOUR! It seems like just yesterday he was born...I can't believe it.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

LOL - that is too precious about coloring on the sheets. When my son was little he took a magic marker and drew a line on every wall in the house. They are a riot, aren't they!

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