Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quilting Retreat Sept 3013

Thanks to Abigail weaning and mostly to +Dave DeBaeremaeker for being so awesome! I was able to go to my quilting guilds bi-annual retreat! 

so here are a few photos and below is an album with all of them. 


So I left Friday morning about 9:30 am getting to the retreat center at 11 or so. (some construction traffic too)

 We stayed up in the mountains near Banner Elk, NC. It was fairly chilly up there when I got there. But it felt so good to sleep with the window open.

We had rooms to stay in and this great room to quilt in. 

On Friday night we got to play Strip Poker. 
Everyone brought 20 holiday themed strips of fabric. 
there was a dice that had: 
C-put one in the center
L-pass one to the left
R- pass one to the right
*- take the whole pile
X- skip a turn (there were 2)

(apparently these dice were from a game called Left, Right, Center I think)

We also added that as soon as the center (kitty) was empty everyone put one in. 
and then we just played in clockwise order. 
Once you were out of strips- you were out. 

We also decided that one of the loose a turns should be "take one from center" for the next time we play this. Which should be at our christmas dinner. 

This could be used with any strips theme- red, white, blue or florals etc. 
^^ Winners ^^

We also had a Challenge for while we were there. Everyone was given the same 10 floral fabrics and had to use all of them in creating something. anything. 

Since I was there for such a short time- i created and made something that seemed fastest and easiest to me. 

I only used 2.5 inches of the sample bits for my "English Garden" doll quilt. I was only there for one night so I didnt bring much with me so the yellow/beige is one fat quarter as well as the green. the binding I got from someone else. 

here is my basket that I made as one of our little projects. 
I made the small little basket from the scrap of the big bag. THAT was a pain to make that small. 
The doll is a challenge project from someone else. 

Group Photo

By clicking the photos below you can see more of the challenge projects and more of the quilters. 

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