Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Camping trip!

So we were not able to get up to Canada to visit family this summer because of our 3 week road trip.

So I grabbed the kids and left Dave behind and went camping.

I drove 4 hours north to Summersville WV to the Mountain Lake Campground where I met my parents and one of my sisters for 3 nights of camping.

I was lucky that both kids slept the second 2 hours of the trip up to the camp ground.

We arrived at the campground about 230 and right away the presents came out. We barely had time to unpack! lol
My sister and I and the kids shared a cabin. This was a great decision, it was a rainy/damp weekend.

We were able to hang out on the porch or go to mom and dads trailer while it was raining.

We also did some shopping :)

The first two mornings were cool and damp but the afternoons at least the water didnt fall from the sky as fast :)

the pool was nice and warm

bedtime reading

campfires are wonderful


breakfast/lunch in the trailer

mmm - ice cream AND sun

It was a great weekend.
The ride home both kids slept 2 hours, in shifts. so it was rather uneventful. 

And here are a few more pictures of our few days.


Linette said...

Love the cabins!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a fun idea. That might become an annual family tradition.

Jacqui S said...

Thank you for the invitation to follow your blog. From England, and learning to make quilts - you have a lovely family. I hope it isn't too late to wish you a good weekend.
Jacqui S.

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