Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sit in the Back of the Class, Assignment 7 & 8

Assignment 7- Grins, Gigglefits and Goofballs

I think it would be safe to say that this assignment worked out perfectly with my family :)

Assignment 8- Hammer

For this assignment we were give the word Hammer and were asked to 

Grab a hammer and explore it:
From different angles
In different settings
Look at it from every perspective and show me it's range.
Extra credit if you make me feel some emotion for it: perhaps joy for its accomplishment or anger at its bullying of the poor helpless nail
Make it heroic, make it honest and hard working, make it stoic and strong
Anything except it beating on my head.

So I made a Love story. 
Mr Hammer worked hard everyday at the wood bench. 

Miss Knockout was often at the Ladies beck and call in the craft room. 

One day at a chance encounter at the tool box they met and fell in love. 

one thing let to another and soon there were newborn portraits being done. 

As they grew older they were sad to see their little one head off to the toy workbench. 

They all grew older doing what they love.


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