Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

(picture heavy post)
Every other year we head to Canada for Christmas. This was not one of those years.

This year we expected to be alone at Christmas. Just us and the kids.


at the last minute my parents and sisters were able to drive out to join us. I did a mad cleaning to get ready for them!

They arrived on Sunday night (23rd) about 6 pm and kept an eye on the weather in Ontario.
Tuesday night (25) they left around 6:45 pm to drive the 12 hours home before the storm arrived.

We had a wonderful short visit with them (and I still havent cleaned up after them!)

Clean house pre visitors:

Zeke's stuff from school

The Children loved having them here.

Christmas eve service
 Auntie Melissa
opening stockings

 Auntie Amanda
 Dog got a stocking

 present from Zeke from school

 Dolly for Abigail
 Camera for Zeke
 Amandas happy

 tired daddy out
 and Zekey too

you can see more here:


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