Monday, October 22, 2012

Night Photography!

One of the Scavenger Hunts past topics was Long exposure. I have never done it before and my shot really did suck.  I have learned a lot since then. 
We were at Myrtle Beach this past weekend and I decided to try my hand at it again. 
I brought out my tripod (and should have worn more than just shorts and a t-shirt- burr) and +Dave DeBaeremaeker and gave it a go. 

here is what I came away with. 
one of the nights was on the beach outside the condo in North Myrtle Beach
the other was at Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach. 

Please take a look and see what you think. 

(my S100 only does 15 sec i think, taken on the TV setting)

 at Broadway on the Beach

The Beach at night- thats Myrtle Beach in the distance.

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