Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Holidays

So as Canadians in the States we have 2 holidays we like to celebrate.

First off is July 1st- Canada Day.
Its hard to find any celebration down here to this year we decided to head up the mountain to Blowing Rock after church. We grabbed some Subway along the way and had a picnic at a park.

Dave and Zeke went caching with Ninjachipmunk while I stayed and nursed Abigail.

We arrived home in time to put the kids in bed and watch the hail come down.

That brings us to July 4th Independence day.
our children were born in the states to Canadian parents so they get dual citizenship making both these shirts true for Abigail
100% Canuck

I'm made in America 

One of Daves co-workers invited people out to his place for a pool party.
He has a very awesome pool! its an infinity pool with a hot tub at the bottom of the water fall.

flying whale

Problem is he doesnt have a view!

Here are all the photos from these 2 days if you care to look:


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

That photo of Zeke tossing the horseshoe is awesome :)

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