Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rant aka- how I saved a kids life

Ok- Just to let you all know- this will be a ranting post.

now that you have been warned- let me begin...

We were at the pool at a hotel. The deepest the water got was 4.5 feet (but since i could touch the whole time it wasnt much over 4 feet).
Dave took Zeke in first while I stayed with Abigail in her car seat rocking her until she fell asleep so I could get wet too.

Dave was asked when he got in by a parent if he knew how to swim. They then asked me if I could swim. We both replied- Yes, of course we could.

Apparently she couldnt and was actually scared to be in the water herself.
I watched as the older boys (12, 13?) she had with her haul the younger girls (5?6?) around the pool. The boys were done playing with the girls so they put them up on the side of the pool.

The girls were hanging around the parents who were not paying attention to them.

the one girl decided that she wanted to do some more swimming.

I watched as she went to the side of the pool and jump in.

I got up and started to run/jog to the girl because I could see that she wasnt going  to come up. I was all the way on the other side of the pool. I was over 50 feet away while her parents were about 8 feet away.

As I was running (not cool to do after a c-section btw) I could see her arms flailing (bobbing, arms out, not splashing) and knew she couldnt get up. I get on my knees (skinning them in the process) and grab an arm and pull her above water. (she was right beside the edge- otherwise i was prepared to jump in). This is when her brother (well one of the boys) noticed and came over and popped her out of the pool and onto the deck.

The girl just coughed up some water and was fine.

Where were the parents though all this? chatting.

what was their reaction upon finding out their girl almost drowned? they yelled at her for jumping in by her self.

They didnt even acknowledge that she almost drowned *(I dont think they realized). no thank you or anything.
The boy did try to tell them that I was the one who saw and pulled her out.

If you cant swim and are scared of the water= wouldnt you be watching your kids even more closely?
 as Dave put it "Dear "parent' at hotel pool (with no lifeguard). If you need to ask strangers if they will rescue you if you or your kid drowns because neither of you can swim, perhaps going to the pool is not the activity for you."

Being around water requires supervision. thats why the post signs saying that kids under certain ages need to have an adult etc.

drowning happens in seconds

What would have happened if I hadnt seen that poor little girl?
would someone have seen her flailing?
would someone have missed her before she was still?
did anyone know CPR?

I am very glad I was there.
I am very glad that I stayed out on the side of the pool
I am very glad that I was watching the whole pool and not just Dave and Zeke playing. 
I am glad that I could be there. 

but man was my adrenalin going after that, my hands were shaking. 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE supervise children in and around water!


Pokey said...

Kids die every year, it is so quick! I'm glad you were there!!

ps~ loved the baby pictures and the heirloom dress, how precious!

Erika Jean said...

OMg so scary! Glad you were there and watching!! Stupid parents!

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