Sunday, April 15, 2012

(diaper) shower #3 for squid

The quilt guild that I joined this year meets every week!

This makes it hard to get to all the time. Not only that - they start at 6! Dave doesnt get home until 530 or so most days. Dave comes home early on the days that I want to go and we try to eat a quick supper before I head off for the 20 min drive there.

All this to say- I dont get there very often, once or twice a month.

A couple weeks ago I got an email from the president telling me they would love to throw me a diaper shower. Are they not the sweetest!

For those that may not know what a diaper shower is- its a mini shower where people give you diapers and wipes and maybe just a little extra thing. Its a great way for people to throw a "sprinkle" instead of a "shower" for baby #2.

So this past Thursday we had a shower. I didnt get any pictures there but here is what they generously gave me!

Thank You so much!!

When Zeke was born he was 10lbs so we used newborn diapers for a week maybe and size 1 diapers for a month maybe.
I asked for Size 2 and 3 fro the diaper shower.

I have also been receiving diapers from other showers as well.
We have 1 package of newborn and 2 packages of size 1.

I think we have a good start to size 2 and 3.


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