Thursday, October 2, 2008

what a week!!

Well this has been quite a week...

We flew to Ireland and spent the night there and flew home. If we translate all times to EST we woke up at 2 am and got on an 8 hour flight to Philadelphia. After a 3 hour stop over we landed at just after 10 pm and arrived at may parents house just after midnight and to bed at 1 am. Dave's parents picked us up from the airport and brought us all the way to my parents house.

Here is a short breakdown of what happened in the last week.

Found out that starter in car is busted
My grandparents came over for coffee
Had lunch with Andrea
Found out that Dave's credit card number was used at Staples in Calgary $1500
Dinner with mom and dad and Amanda

Drove to Mississauga in mom and dads truck
Stopped at Chapters to get books
Went to Christine's Bridal shower and totally surprised her!
After the Shower we went bowling and out for dinner with Annette, Aaron, Amy, Ryan and Christine.
Went to dinner at Kelsey's (and Dave finally had the 4 cheese spinach dip and wings that he has been craving!)

Drove mom and dads truck to Dave's parents
Went to CrossPoint CRC (our home church)
Went to Dave's sisters new house for lunch
Got Enzo back
Went to meet Dave's Uncle for coffee

Dave drove to work in Toronto
Amanda was over and we went shopping in town
Had lunch with Dad and Amanda at Bobs place
Picked up some groceries with Amanda
Picked mom up at her work
Picked up Dave's car from the mechanic
Had supper
Dave came home from work
Went for drive and hit a raccoon.
Damage control at Mikes

Visit to our banker
Dave stayed home at mom and dads and did some work and cleaned car
I went shopping at Seaway mall and got pants
Hair cut at Amanda's
Back to Dunnville and shopped at Giant Tiger and I got socks and a shirt
Picked up Godfathers Pizza for supper
Packed car

We left mom and dads at 7am and arrived at 6:30 pm
This included 3 gas stops and a lunch break and an hour at the border.

the border crossing went very well. We had to wait in line for 40 minutes and then only 20 min of paper work for moving to the states. Thats it!!! and we are good to cross the border til 2011.

it rained all the way til we got to the border of West Virginia and Virginia

So we ahve been driving around and checking things out. We cannont get me a cell phone without US credit or a SSN (social security number) and we also cannot get Internet to the house without it either.
We are also having to pay a lot of deposits for things since we dont really exist in this country apparently.

We are hoping to sign the papers to get the house at 11 am Friday.
Our furniture doesn't arrive til maybe Wednesday.

We will be camping in our own house! yay!

hope to see you all down here sometime soon!!


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